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A Just Software

Just Software is a Brazilian company that developed a platform named NAJA, which is the only worldwide solution that allows migrating Natural / Adabas to Java / Relational in a 100% automated way, bringing a technological upgrade with high added value, with low risk, short time and low cost. In addition it allows the development of web applications in Java Enterprise Edition using a high level language, with very high productivity. Its client portfolio is divided between government and private companies. Currently, the government clients are: CESP, HC (Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo), IMA (Informatics of Associated Municipalities - Campinas City Hall) and PRODABEL (Data Processing Company of the City of Belo Horizonte). And the private clients are: REMAZA (Consortia), AES Eletropaulo (currently Enel).

Managing Directors and Founders of Just Software

João Carlos Serrano

Has been working in the information technology area since 1971, among others, has worked as a researcher and developer at Software AG in the United States and Germany. He worked for the São Paulo government managing areas of technology and software for CESP and CPFL.

From 1980 to 2012, he worked as Senior Consultant, Project Director, Technology Director and International Vice President of Technology, at Consist (Brazilian software multinational company), being responsible for the entire technological direction of the company worldwide, selling Software AG products in Brazil, and responsible for the sales and market operation.

Consist at that time had 750 employees, in Brazil with 19 regional offices, having more than 4000 products installed in Brazil. An international operation in more than 30 countries with offices in 11 countries. Its clients portfolio was divided between government and private companies. Customers were as follows: SERPRO, Banco do Brasil, Central Bank, Federal Revenue, Federal Police, Eletrobrás, Embratel, state data processing companies such as: PRODESP, PROCERGS, PRODEPA, PRODAM, among others, electricity and telephone companies, such as: OI, VIVO, Eletrosul, CESP, among others.

At the end of 2011 he co founded Just Software and became the CEO of Just Software in the second semester of 2012.

Fernando Augusto Serrano

Has been working in the information technology area since 2001, he is a certified Java specialist with strong knowledge in technologies such as: Java Application Servers, SQL, Html, Xml, Javascript, Css, Natural and Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and Adabas databases. Worked as a developer in the software area with projects such as: developing tools for 3D animation softwares such as Maya and 3D Studio, development of the first Brazilian website for selling personalized products with customization of products in real time 3D visualization, development of a ERP focused to gas stations companies, development of the first App (iPhone and Android) used by the company iCarros (a Company from Itaú Bank).

At the end of 2011 he co founded Just Software and became the CIO, responsible for the development of the NAJA platform and subsequently for the management of development projects, migration projects and customer support.


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