NAJA is the result of the experience acquired over decades with large customers who develop and use mission-critical corporate systems.

NAJA provides innovation and high productivity, generating Java code, offering a complete development platform, in a friendly way, through an IDE (Eclipse based), with a central repository that uses versioning control, and synchronizes a developer’s team working in the same project, solving the problems generated by concurrent accesses to the same code.

It is the most suitable environment for the development of multiplatform applications, using current technologies recognized worldwide, providing agility and productivity. The developed applications are automatically made available in Web environments, with innovative interfaces, keeping the security and using the best practices in application development.

The main benefits of using NAJA are the reduction of costs and reduction of project time, allowing the Information Technology team to be ready to accomplish the demands of the business area within the established deadlines.

Naja is an excellent tool for new developments that involve WEB environments integrated with any other platform, and that can be used from any point where an internet connection is available, keeping the commitments with security and friendliness required in the current models of human machine interfaces.


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2° floor, cj 204
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